Shoutouts 2 the niccas that let me know that queen done shown her face again lol wow damn i was just postin a vid today just to post YO QUEEN DONT COPY PIECES OF MY VID AND CALL IT A DISS LOL LAME FAQ donks cars rims carshow fema lil wayne gta weezy lebron cleveland miami fights freestyle battle weed hoes slaps ghetto fights gucci roscoe travis porter waka flocka no hands

Ghetto Transformers!!Deziak Whips Ep#30(car hop)

Salacious Streets TV Hooked up with Koolaid Hydraulics for what we dub the Ghetto Transformers car hop competition in Watts, California. Deziak whips gives you clips of pimped out whips( cars) ,street sleds(bikes & motorcycles) and gangsta rides (classic cars 1970 &older). Deziak gives you inside access to car shows, car clubs and custom vehicles owned by rappers, singers, actors and entertainers from across the United States. This American cultural phenomenon features custom show cars with hydraulics, exotic interiors and candy coated expensive paint jobs. Music exclusively scored by Deziak Entertainment with original hiphop and R&B music.