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    All I can say is WoW!! It put the shine on the bumper of my husbands car that was black and turned a dry gray color. Now it is a shiney black color just like when it was new. The fine scratch and swirl remover is the best!! I did not expect it to work at all but once I put the final wax finish on it looked like a brand black car! Everything in the package is top notch and is the only products I will buy from now on!!

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    I bought this for my dad for father’s day. And he loved it! That is saying alot, because he is somewhat of a clean freak with his cars. He washes them almost every evening. And he was very impressed with the quality of these products.

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    While I’ve never seen a car care kit that included everything to take care of your car, this one comes close. It will really get you started on the right track with quality, beneficial products. I love my cars and am passionate about taking care of them. I use some of these products daily, but I’ve tried just about everything in this kit. Meguiar’s brings top quality products at affordable prices. I’ve used products from other companies that cost as much as this kit for one item, but yet Meguiar’s is still always one of the very best. Here is how I strongly suggest you use these products:

    1) The Gold Class Wash. This is the best car wash I have ever used. Wash your car with this wash and the microfiber mit that is included.

    2) Clay – unless your car is brand new, you probably need to use the clay. Use the clay along with the Quick Exterior Detailer, to make your paint smooth to the touch.

    3) Scratch X is actually a paint cleaner. You want to apply Scratch X to the entire car, to clean contaminants below the surface of the paint. This step is very important. Apply and remove, you can use the applicator that is included obviously. The towel is also great to remove it with, but I like to use a towel to remove, and a second towel to buff it to a perfect shine.

    4) The final step – Gold Class Liquid Car Wax. This is one of the best car waxes/sealants I have used. There are other good, some even better perhaps, but this one is nothing to laugh at. It is really good and delivers beautiful depth, shine, and protection!

    Your car should look a lot better after all those steps. If you ever want to take it up another step, after Scratch X and before the wax, apply a pure polish (not included in kit) such as Deep Crystal Polish (Step 2 in that line) or #7 Show Car Polish.

    You can continue to use the quick exterior detailer you used with the clay. Use the exterior detailer by itself with a couple towels, to take dust or other contaminants off the paint between washes. Use a couple towels along with it. The exterior quick detailers are great. I go through 1-2 bottles each week.

    Quick interior detailer you can spray onto a nice towel and apply to your dashboard and other surfaced inside the cabin. It works great. I use it all the time. However, on the inside you don’t need so much, so this lasts a long time.

    The Endurance Tire Shine is also great. Just note your towel will really get dirty when applying this. I even have to throw it away quite often.

    The plastic polish is great, if your headlamp lenses begin to lose their clarity. Buff until clearer.

    Overall, a great kit. Just be sure to use the products as intended and as a system where applicable.

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    Received this promptly from amazon. shipped from the east coast but was still pretty fast.

    When all bought separately, you would definitely pay so much more that what you’ll get it here. Free shipping too! I’ve used Meguiar’s products in the past and these aren’t any different. Everything is of the high quality that you would expect from this brand.

    Everything comes packed well and it appears that they are probably putting these together from bulk supply and packaging them as a complete car kit.

    This kit is worth the money and has everything you would need to detail your car like a pro- at least in my opinion.

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    I have never bought Meguiar’s product before and got this kit to see if they are worth the price. And I’m very happy that I tried their products.

    For anyone who is getting serious on detailing their car this is a good starting point, but the following products were the most impressive:

    -Scratch X: It does remove small swirls and scratches. I was skeptical, but the result were just amazing. (There is a Scratch X 2.0 now)

    -Exterior Quick detailer: Great for keeping it in your trunk for those pesky bird dumps or tree sap. Does the job fast and easy, giving great results. Too bad you need to apply quite a bit when using the clay, so I’m planning on keeping 2 or 3 in stock.

    -Microfiber mit: Very well done, soft and with foam inside to make it comfortable when been used. I will probably buy a couple of this too.

    The rest of the products are “OK” and they are new versions from Meguiar’s now (NXT or 2.0 versions). And, as all starter kits, in the end you will be buying individual and improved versions of the products to get the best results.

    It does have negatives: only 1 foam applicator (2 would have been nice as Scratch X and the wax need a couple of these) and the included microfiber towel is rather pathetic as it is very low quality and you need more than 1 to wash you car (specially if you are claying).

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    I’ve used Meguiar’s products in the past and was always happy with the results. This kit provides pretty much everything you need to get your car to have a showroom look.

    Individually, each product is more costly and when you add the washing glove and the wax sponge, you have a superb value. While you can certainly choose not to use certain products and save some money, at the cost of this kit you actually get some items virtually for free.

    Now, for the process and results:

    1. Wash the car with the car wash and use the wash glove. It is effective in removing grime and even some of the insects that always find a way to crash into the front of your car.

    2. Clay the car and take your time as this step can provide a huge payoff on the quality of the overall result. I used the clay on my wife’s new Lexus and the results were amazing. The surface felt clean and soft.

    3. Use the ScratchX product for scratches and swirls. In certain cases, this product can remove the scratch completely. Just follow the directions and note that you may need multiple applications. In my 2001 Avalon I was able to remove most of the vestige of a large scratch running down the right side of my car around the middle of the doors. The scratch isn’t fully gone, but it is effectively masked.

    4. Use the Gold Class liquid wax to finish off your hard work. I understand the new ICE liquid wax leaves no milky residue, but if you work with this you will not be disappointed. The end result will be a mirror-like finish which really shows off for dark-colored cars.

    I personally used microfiber towels in all the steps of the process. They are lint free and very effective. BTW, the Quick Detailer product is something you will want to keep around. It is almost like a car wash in a bottle. Fortunately, it is available at stores like Wal-Mart for reasonable prices, so you don’t need to order it online.

    The Interior Quick Detailer also does a fine job. Very neutral and cleans surfaces well. Does not leave any residue. Beats that Armor All product by a mile.

    The other products are add-ons that have limited value but can still be useful. The PlastX definitely brings out the shine in the plastic surfaces of the car, but there aren’t many of those around. The Endurance High Gloss does not provide a really shiny gloss, but it does last longer than other options. Use a basic (disposable) towel for the tires because they will get heavily stained using the High Gloss product.

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    I bought this kit mainly for the clay & ScratchX . You really can’t beat the price ($44) on this kit versus buying everything individually. The microfiber mit os ok , and the towel was nice. The tire gel works very well, no slinging at all . The ScratchX worked ok , but not great.

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    Very pleased with the Complete Car Care Kit. The car shampoo, wax, clay bar and car mitt are a great way to keep your car nice and shiny. The other items (scratch detailer, interior) are just icing on the cake. I was pretty surprised that the scratch-X actually worked on a minor scratch I had on my bumper.

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    My car looks like it just came out of the dealership. I was very pleased. Even now, the car looks very smooth. Great products for a great price.

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