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    I’ve tried most of the “ordinary” car waxes/polishes out there and this is easily the best I have used.

    It is easy to put on and produces a wonderful shine that lasts. It also has a rather pleasant smell. The one down

    side to this is that while you are applying the polish, it seems to attract insects! Since discovering this wax about

    5 years ago, I have used nothing else. I clean my car about once a month and it is still looking like new.

    I highly recommend it.

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    I bought this at a store when I bought a black car. I love the smell, and it applies really easy and doesn’t need a lot of muscle to buff it. I discovered another use for it. Put it on glass, or a mirror and the

    fingerprints will wipe right off without any cleaner! Hooray! I have a glass entry door and a daycare! Great stuff!

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    We’ve used this on a dark blue Infiniti, a silver Honda and a black Honda, with beautiful shiny results on all cars. Being that we don’t polish our cars as often as many, this product is very much appreciated because it is easy to apply, doesn’t have an unpleasant smell, and it gives great results with a lovely shine to the enamel. The polish is thinner in viscosity than some we’ve used, but I think that adds to the ease in application. Apply a thin coat, let it dry a little, then polish it off and you will be thrilled with the “new look” of your car. My only recommendation is to be sure you do not do this in the sun or on a hot day while the car body is hot to the touch. In those conditions, the polish dries very fast and the results are not as great as when you have the time to really polish with a clean cloth. This has worked on bicycles with great success, too!

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    Having only used turtle wax up to this point, I found Zymol just as easy to apply, but it seems be give a better gloss and looks to be lasting longer. Plus, it smells great. Overall, worth the extra cost.

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    Most leading brands of commercial waxes have solvents and other toxic chemicals in the product. After a few minutes breathing in the fumes of other popular products, I would quickly get headaches. Unlike those products, Zymol uses all naturally occurring oils (e.g. coconut oil). The benefit is you can polish your car without killing your brain cells and without polluting the world just to keep your car protected.

    Further, the product smells great and is it is very easy to use. As another person mentioned, however, this wax dries quick and should not be used when the surface of the vehicle is hot. If you use it under those conditions, you will not be happy with the results. Even though the product is priced on the high side, I will not use another product. It simply is the best product on the market.

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    Natural product, no petroleum addatives, works very well. Have been using it for over 10 years now – keep coming back.

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    Several years ago, I asked my brother what the best car polish was. He looked through consumer reports and it was Zymol, but it cost twice as much as #2 did. So I searched for #2 and could not find it in a store, but Zymol was there and for less than the $16 that CR had priced it at. So I bought it.

    It has been the best car polish I have ever used. The car feels so slick after polishing that I think it improves my fuel economy. On long trips from the east coast to the midwest, I would use Zymol on the front few inches of the hood to clean off the bugs, and fewer would stick afterwards. I did this in the rest stops to give me some physical activity and help me stay awake. I also used Zymol on the front of the mirrors and the headlights to keep them nearly bug free.

    Sometimes I get a whiff of old applicators or buffing cloths in the trunk; they smell like coconut and banana. That’s the smell of car polish!? I like it. The rain really beads up, and the 93 Accord looks nearly new. I’m keeping the Accord and I’m keeping with Zymol. Really amazing stuff.

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    I have used Meguiar’s, Turtle Wax, Mother’s, 3M, etc. for decades. Received the Zymol Z503 liquid Cleaner/Wax as a gift. I refused to buy what I considered overpriced wax with a “perfume” scent and price, until now. This product is by far the easiest to apply, remove, and polish than ANY cleaner/wax I have used since 1971. It seemingly has much longer durability, particularly with repeated automatic car washes. My only slight dislike is the lingering scent, even after using latex gloves. Read and follow the instructions, and use the proper cloth for polishing and removing. I will use this product for “life”, until I find someting better. Only wish Zymol could develop an “unscented” version. The best $10 you will ever spend on your car(s). Hands down.

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    I have been using Zymol for many years and have found it to be a very high performing product. It applies and, more importantly, buffs off quite easily. The one caveat is you need to follow the directions on the bottle carefully. You apply to the vehicle in about 2 square foot sections…wax on, wax off. If you leave it on too long it is indeed difficult to remove. A testament to it’s durability, which is one of the strong suits of Zymol. I have tried many other products of this kind that make all sorts of claims but I have yet to find one that can both match the shine and durability of Zymol. It is also economical. A little goes a long ways. I’d guess you could easily do four or more full sized cars with a bottle. And yes, as others have said…it smells good. Think tropical island…you’ll have an idea why people make the comment to begin with.

    One last comment…I’ve found it hard to sometimes find this product locally which is why I purchased it at Amazon. The Amazon pricing is typically less than what I have had to pay at a local outlet. That’s a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

    Summary: A good product that exceeds expectations at a fair price when purchased through Amazon.

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