21 Replies to “Black Redneck DONK car lifted burnout”

  1. No I cruise all over and do car shows. butt I drive it hard on the road. Ive takin over 2000 mile trips in it. I run it 80 to 85 mph every where I go. the car will top out at 125 mph. freaks people out win i blow by them on the interstate.

  2. what was wrong with the 304 that was in it?my brother had one the same year pull out the 304 and slapped in a AMC 360 that thing moved it was a 4 speed car.

  3. beautiful car but no 4×4? I guess that’s what a Donk means? i can see the money going out the air. lol we bought 47 superswampers and they were holly cow expensive i don’t think we could bring ourselves to spinning em over on pavement. but great car.

  4. There’s someone down my street who has a candy orange one that had huge mud tires on it. That thing rumbles by like a tank lol. Bet he intimidates those riced hondas out there!

  5. Damn bro, sweet AMX. the other video of you at the gas station, I thought it was an SX4, but either way, wicked! Thanks for posting that.

  6. nice looking, least you saved a wrecked car… your side louver look different from mine. mine has 6 tabs thats push under molding and the rubber on window.. mine have amc stamped in the back side. I cant tell with yours but does yours have 4 little screw caps you can unscrew to take louver off. Those are aftermarket ones, i have them on my black amx. Also have a red one. all v8 4 speed cars. Do you happen to have a front air dam laying around you could sell.

  7. @Racerkilla383 yes thay are aftermarket louvers . Ido have a extra air dam and 2 more sets of fender flairs. I am keeping them. I hope to get a V8 car to restore soon.

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