25 Replies to “GTA SA Car mods 9 ( HELLA DONKS)”

  1. u guyz zhuld alzo make a video on how 2 get donkz lyk dat on ps2 or iz it possible 2 get donks on ps2 or only pc hit me up if u lyk da ida

  2. its only for pc cause u have to edit files can you edit files on ps no.. google car mod gta sa and read up it not to hard to figure out you will need some programs like img tool 2.0 ,,,S.A.M.I ,,,,,SPARKS IMG tool make sure u got version 1 gta sa not version 2 or you gota download patch to put back to version 1 download some cars some wheels an way ya go

  3. i cant believe he’s selfish enough not to answer you guys,, its either he’s selfish or he didnt do it by himself..
    its easy to put any car in that game i used to do that all the time in every Gta game i played.. its fun but soon you will get bored..
    anyway i cant post links here so move yo ass and start using the most powerful search engine & type ( GTA mods cars ) Read, Learn & Apply

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