25 Replies to “Spade Kreations Phantom Donk at a local car show”

  1. It actually is not baby’s car. He was on MTV Cribs with this car and said it was his , but it is not his. He was trying to buy it from the owner when they shot that show, but the owner did not want to sell it.

  2. Ha this car was made down the street from my house in cincinati ohio..
    45231 between hamilton and mt.healthy 2 be exact.

  3. this isnt a bad looking car. but too many people who are poor seem to think this car is the best thing since sliced bread. personally i would always take a nice muscle car( not no mustang) over any phantom. but like i said not bad looking

  4. oh whoops i guess i didnt look on the engine hard enough. but why do you think people do that. so they can have something close to a phantom. grow up, get money and get a better car than a phantom look-a-like. and quit listening to lil wayne because he has a phantom. dip shit

  5. there are things i like about the car and things i dont. But i can appreciate the work that goes into building something like this. People have different taste is all i can say.

  6. i rather have an old school than a phantom… theyre overpriced fa real

    why not make an old school that sit higher, run faster, with better interior than a 100K car

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