Shoutouts 2 the niccas that let me know that queen done shown her face again lol wow damn i was just postin a vid today just to post YO QUEEN DONT COPY PIECES OF MY VID AND CALL IT A DISS LOL LAME FAQ donks cars rims carshow fema lil wayne gta weezy lebron cleveland miami fights freestyle battle weed hoes slaps ghetto fights gucci roscoe travis porter waka flocka no hands

25 Replies to “2010 ATLANTA CAR SHOW”

  1. This Video Go Hard My Dude But Ay…….I Herd Queenlb2008 A Nigga/Bitch!!??!?!?! Lol Damn..But Ay This Video Go Hard My Nigga Shout Out’s

  2. @GOON1991 well if i am u love me for it i hate when ur ass stunt when me and you both know the truth imma just post them conversations i guess

  3. @dcrutlr92 u cant even do damage period yall are some fake niccas yall do this shit in a game cause yall cant do it for real unlike me

  4. @Queenlb2008 girl/man i can do it real life oo u dont want the action shit u fuckin with the wrong nigga really

  5. @Queenlb2008 Yeah post a video of me talking to yo gay ass after we exposed you for bein a NIGGA that night. You a sad story you need to go holla at your school counselor. And you a old ass nigga at that.

  6. @Queenlb2008 shut da fucc up bitch azz nigga, u aint gone shet shit up u fuccin pussy, im bout to shut yo azz down tho, juz wait faggot ima show ya u fucc wit one of us u fucc wit all of us, u fuccin bitch i’ll fuccin murder yo bitch azz n i aint talkin bout no San Andreas, im talkin bout dem streets nigga it aint nun but killas n real niggas wer im from, see Gator Squad mite be my niggas but deY aint Gangsta lik me wen I say i’ll kill u i’ll Kill yo Punk AZz……Bitch

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