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  1. @zapdos49 Got the frame out of the junk yard, only the frame. It didn’t even look like a frame, it was that bad. So yes, I built it with my uncle(read description), it is homemade and its GHETTO!!!

  2. @reviewingproducts I don’t know exactly, but I think it was around $20-$40. The frame was really beaten up and needed to be welded.

  3. nothin better than a old edger motor…get a pipe for that and maby a carb adaptor for an airfilter and you will be makin 5 hp…..if you kno alot about motors pull the side covor off and take the govinor out….you should hit about 50 then

  4. @mudpuppy4life The govinor is off, but how else can I crank up the HP? I don’t think I could hit 50 because it would redline, but I do need to improve its acceleration.

  5. @bouiglob straight pipe,air filter adapter and filter,mill the head and fire slot head,jet the carb out,bore it .025 over wiescoe peformence piston,hortsman h-beam rod

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