25 Replies to “1986 Chevy C10 Lowrider 383 Stroker”

  1. what model is that bed cover. Im loving the truck I have a 85 and been trying to get a bed cover like yours get back at me

  2. It’s called a PHANTOM BILLET GRILL. Sorry I cant remember # or where I got it. I know I ordered it from an ad in TRUCKIN magzine.

  3. Thanks, 4 speed w/ low 1 st gear. Am plannin on lowering front abit more, but The full lenght headers are sittin very low already. desicions are yet to be made! tanx for the comment.

  4. @Lowroller383 What size tire you running in the rear? And how much is the rear lowered? I love the stance in the rear

  5. @chisam14 29×12.5×15 Mickey Thompson. I had Centerline Racing Wheels make my rims, 15×10 w/ a 4 7/8 backspace. (if I had to do it again, I would have made a 5″backspace) In the rear I flipped the axle over, I welded the spring perches on the bottom of axle. I also installed 2 1/2 drop shackles on the back of leaf springs. C-section in the frame, so axle doesnt hit. Thanks for the comment, take care..

  6. Darth Vader strikes again!! Dude, you shaved all the nice chrome that goes great with black and whats with the pizza cutters up front? Thank goodness you didnt paint the bumpers black too. Or should i say bumper?

  7. night rider.. that black n them tinted windos all the truck is fuken sick.. love it.. im planning to clone mine ass a 454 ss.. c10 style

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