7 Replies to “U.K MAZDA B2000 LOWRIDER PICKUP”

  1. Do you miss it? I’m thinking of getting another truck, possibly this year. Heard from Kris at all? I’m still in touch with Dave (Yellow mazda) and Nick (red MAzda) havent heard from Mark (pink Nissan) or Rob (black Mazda for a while. Yep they were good days!

  2. i spoke to rob the other year after finding his No. don’t talk to chris anymore after he shit on kerri and the child they tried for.
    i would love another but only space for two cars. what ya think of my cabrio install.

  3. Nice install mate, didnt know about anything that had gone on after DRIVEBY. Posted a link to my current lowrider, what do you think?

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