24 Replies to “UK lowrider trucks donny 1996”

  1. good times! Whose was “a right shed” though 😉

    Man I used to hate driving around that arena every 2 hours, how loud was nicks red truck. Hmm jumpers for goalposts.

  2. You really don’t offend “prick” but why do you lot so like the mercedes/porsche/audi/bmw/bentley/jaguar/lexus brands………….cuz there better than yours………..get a life and note the date! 12yrs ago FFS

  3. i take it your from the states with a comment like that! Well take it from me i browse many lowrider forums and some of your trucks suck! and you guys so call rule the roost, NOT!!!!!

  4. Couldn,t really give a flying fk!!! like i mentioned to another bloke who’s got fk all better to do, IT WAS 12YRS AGO FFS. get a life and stop pissing people off with childish and pointless comments! waister.

  5. why talk shit when you cant afford one? or maybe you dont have the right job or the money to get a low rider truck.dont talk shit when i dont see your car on here.

  6. hahaha dont see his car on here. you mean his audi with 12 inch subs all fiberglassed custom in the back with a big flat screen and four eight inchers around it??

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